Rothwell Family Farm & Apple Orchard

Family owned and operated from 1972-2022 (Mount Forest, ON)

Thank you so very much...and adieu!

After 42 years, thousands of bushels, and so many enjoyable times with friends in our community, the Rothwell Family Farm & Apple Orchard is closing down. 

There is so much that we will miss – our customers, the helpful local suppliers, the hot-stove conversations – especially at election time when both mayoral candidates would visit the store at the same time…now that’s democracy in action at the local level.

A special thanks to Tom Wilson and his family at Spirit Tree Cidery for the many years of cider pressing.  We highly recommend their store and bistro – the Friday night pizza is spectacular.  Thanks also to Laverne Bauman and his family for manufacturing our apple butter and for the excellent honey that they supplied to our store.

We have an understandable sense of loss, but there is a corresponding sense of inevitability in the change that has come about.  All things must pass.

To the days we no longer remember, with the friends we will never forget.  We say, thank you.

The Rothwell Family   

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